Why We Are Different?

Reliable, cost-effective managed print service (MPS) can provide significant efficiency benefits for your business. When comparing the CW Print Management solution to other offerings or an in-house solution, the following question/answer exercise will help to illustrate the overall benefits and differences of the CW Print Management

How do we acquire print-related equipment (printers, copiers, fax machines, multi-function devices)?

If you buy or lease equipment, the challenge of staying current with industry information about capabilities, efficiencies, alternatives, prices, trade-in and purchase values, repair and maintenance costs and useful lives must be borne within your company. Who are your experts? Do they have personal preferences or motivations? Are they influenced by equipment sales personnel cultivating “relationships” within your organization? Who arranges for disposal? Are there multiple resources dedicated to similar tasks in different departments or business units? Purchasing or leasing on a finance-lease structure (one that includes a purchase option or runs longer than a certain percentage of the economic life of the asset) is a capital expense, requiring allocation of capital budget and generating depreciation on the tax books, amortization on the accounting books, and either a significant cash outlay up front, or a binding commitment for monthly payments for a period of years.

The CW Print Solution provides complete flexibility by including the equipment as an embedded component of the overall service. If you already have equipment that satisfies current needs, CW Print will take over full management of that equipment until it can be replaced (at the end of current lease commitments, or for owned equipment when price/performance suggests replacement). Thereafter, new, CW Print-owned equipment is simply deployed to your locations. No separate contracts, no long-term leases, no return notices and return condition negotiations – equipment is provided as part of the comprehensive service.


What is the cost of our equipment? Is the cost allocated properly? What is the impact of the equipment cost and amortization on the profitability measurements of my business (or division or business unit)?

Capital budgets versus operating budgets, pressures to extend the replacement cycle and “deal with” temporary inefficiencies arising from numbers of units, locations of units, upgrades to current technology – – – the issues surrounding equipment ownership of non-core assets become additional management “headaches”, diverting valuable time and talent from the primary requirements of your business. Negotiating lease documentation, committing to multi-year, hell-or-high-water payments, anticipating lease-end notice periods and return conditions – – – leasing provides an attractive means of acquiring equipment without up-front capital cost, but is it the right solution for your print-related equipment?

The CW Print Solution provides the equipment as part of a comprehensive service, NO long-term commitments, and with the flexibility to deploy state-of-the-art capability focused on what your business needs – PAGES, NOT PRINTERS!


How does our owned or leased equipment get maintained or serviced? What is the cost? Who handles that within our business? How many separate vendors do we work with? How much toner and how many spare supplies do we buy, and who in my business is responsible for inventory and stockpile management?

While maintenance and service is sometimes included as an additional cost component of a lease, if it is charged as a portion of the monthly hell-or-high-water payment obligation, there is little leverage for assuring responsiveness and timeliness. On owned equipment, service providers are logically motivated to “sell” as much as possible, often creating a “disconnect” between when supplies are paid for and when they are actually used, and creating a requirement for careful oversight and management of supplies within your business.

The CW Print Solution includes all supplies and service within the price-per-page. Working WITH your business, efficient supply management is in our mutual interest, as there is no incremental profit motivation for selling more than is required to produce the PAGES your business needs. Sharing a wealth of best-practices from a broad customer base, CW Print will incorporate historical and up-to-date predictive capabilities, together with an appropriate balance of ready-replacements to keep your business capable of producing PAGES seamlessly, at a known cost-per-unit-of-production.


Does my printer equipment create additional inflexibility for business size-adjustment, re-organization, cost allocation, relocation and operational efficiency?

While the “paperless office” remains an elusive goal, MOST businesses are at least moving in a direction that gets closer to that end. Fixed expense (lease payments, capital cost amortization, personal and property tax assessment and allocation) is often a costly – or at least cumbersome and complex – counterweight to nimble, responsive, opportunistic pursuit of business opportunity. Justifying or accommodating capital commitments made years earlier on print-related equipment adds additional “drag” to business transformation and the migration to a more efficient, cost-justified, responsive and profitable business.

The CW Print Solution, with its focus on a “currency” that relates more directly to the productivity of your business (PAGES), means you only pay for what you produce and the cost of equipment, toner, supplies, service, maintenance, removal and replacement is embedded in the simplest form of currency: price-per-page, Cost allocation can be tracked and assigned to where the pages are being produced. Scaling – up or down – is as easy as a phone call to CW Print’s customer service group. Relocation for office moves, expansion, and floor-to-floor is all incorporated within the price-per-page, allowing you to focus on what is most important, and most measurable, within your business.


If I am convinced that price-per-page is the best solution, who are the other companies that provide this product, and what are their prices?

While others provide a form of “cost-per-page” pricing, their offering is usually inclusive of a minimum-term commitment, an accompanying equipment lease, or other non-cancelable or restrictive agreements. Few, if any, have the geographic “reach” to provide coast-to-coast service at consistent standards. There is no evidence of another provider whose pricing structure is more competitive. Indeed, as one of HP, CANON AND LEXMARK’s largest and most respected business partners, CW Print has been the partner of choice on certain HP, CANON AND LEXMARK solutions, and in situations where the price-per-page offering could not be provided by others.


The CW Print Solution has demonstrated its market leadership with a wide range of customers and with equipment deployed in nearly every State in the United States. Savings have been so significant that major corporations have named CW Print their “Vendor of the Year” multiple times, and others have made CW Print their sole-source or preferred provider for their entire company nation-wide after “trials” in a single division. These references are available for one-on-one dialogue, as CW Print exercises the confidentiality and discretion appropriate to respectful business relationships.


My systems and processes are already in place. I have recently purchased or leased new equipment, so perhaps I should wait to consider a change.

Early termination of a lease or early disposition of owned equipment will usually be a costly action. However, remaining “locked-in” and unable to take advantage of available, immediate savings is not your only choice.

The CW Print Solution provides a flexible transition from owned or leased equipment without disrupting existing agreements. However, by allowing CW Print to take over management of those assets immediately, the price-per-page is lower during the transition period, and companies have realized IMMEDIATE savings from day one!  TheCW Print solution is a month-to-month agreement, meaning that your business and continuing commitment must be EARNED every single month. Also, because equipment is provided as a component of the price-per-page charge, CW Print is actually investing together with your business, confident that your satisfaction will continue long enough to recover those costs, though the choice to continue remains yours alone.


How difficult or disruptive will the transition be?

The CW Print team stands ready to work with your business in the same, non-disruptive, efficient manner we have with our other customers to analyze your current print management architecture, right-size the new structure, migrate conveniently and painlessly by assuming overall management of your system (including maintenance) immediately, and provide your new print management structure with costs tied to a currency that you can use within your business. By focusing on PAGES NOT PRINTERS, you can run your business while CW Print Management reduces your costs, improves your efficiency, and supports your increased profitability.

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